Saturday, July 31, 2010

Verseo eGlide Why So Popular?

Verseo the Health and Beauty manufacturer has really done it this time! They have perfected the next generation of home electrolysis technology into their latest invention the Verseo eGlide. It uses the same technology as the Verseo ePen a sister product. Using "Galvanic Electrolysis" which id the only method approved by the FDA because it is the only method of permanent hair removal that has been proven to be effective.

What makes the Verseo eGlide better then the other hair removal systems? To start with it is an at home hair removal method that can be done for under $90. Professional electrolysis is a very expensive and slow process because each of the individual hair follicle and the growing cells around it are killed one at a time. Even the ePen is meant for removing single hairs but with the Verseo eGlide you can now remove up to a 4 inch square of body hair at a time. Is used for larger areas along the arms, underarms or back, bikini line, and legs. Simply hold it like an electric razor and maneuver it just as easy. 

No needles to be slid beside the hair shaft causing pain the Verseo eGlide electrolysis roller sends an electric shock through the roller and into the skin all the way down to the hair follicle. What happens next is the galvanic electrolysis process takes place causing a chemical reaction in the skin killing to follicle and surrounding growth tissue. You don’t even feel the Zap! This process is NOT painful and it has been proven to causes permanent hair removal. 

In the past clinical studies conducted by the University of Utah showed that using the Verseo eGlide technology was just as effective and in some cases even more effective than Professional Electrolysis done in a spa. The studies showed an amazing 43% permanent hair reduction after just 3 months of scheduled use. This new technology will dramatically change the way men and women remove unwanted hair because it can be done at home and it’s so inexpensive.

The Main Features of the Verseo eGlide Electrolysis Roller:

·    The main feature is that it uses proven galvanic electrolysis technology
·    Changes to Face roller mode and Body roller modes
·    Built-in Timer to tell you when to stop
·    Has a bright LED Indicator that switches from Green to Red
·    Simple to use as it glides on the skin
·    Can be use on any skin type or color (Unlike laser hair removal)
·    Safe and painless unlike professional electrolysis
·    No more high cost of frequent visits to the clinic or spa
·    No more endless waxing and shaving
.    Hand held permanent hair removal solution like no other today.

Permanent hair removal at home will not be an issue for you any longer as the Verseo eGlide works with regular scheduled treatment cycles and will eventually stop hair from growing back all together after just a few uses on some areas of the body. Men and Women…Get rid of unwanted hair forever with the Verseo eGlide

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